Measuring the Immeasurable

We have concepts that are in the human vocabulary that we have never seen actualized or even materialized within the realm we call the physical universe. Such concepts as perfection, eternity, infinity, and immutability are a few terms that we have never seen. These terms are abstract within our thinking because all humanity and theContinue reading “Measuring the Immeasurable”

“Thoughts about my Thoughts within Thinking while Thinking”

Who has ever thought about their thoughts within their thinking while thinking? This conundrum of mental constipation is a question I believe all of humanity wrestle with within the timeline of life at some point. I believe that this process of considering your thoughts within your thinking while thinking is a presentation of seeking toContinue reading ““Thoughts about my Thoughts within Thinking while Thinking””

“A Misunderstood Reality, A Misguided Purpose”

The burden of proof for providing reason for all reality must be examined through a lens that gives a clarity of evidence for the essence of existence. Many atheists will attempt to present an argument for explaining reality with theories of self-creation such as Big Bang Theory, Theory of Evolution, and Self-Creation Cosmology. For anyContinue reading ““A Misunderstood Reality, A Misguided Purpose””

“A Tragedy of Murdering The Truth”

Is truth itself as a concept that is actualized still alive today or has it been murdered by the ideologies of philosophical subjectivity and relativistic perspectives? This is a popular pursuit of many individuals today that is sought after throughout the world of both believers and nonbelievers, which I believe is a legitimate pursuit ifContinue reading ““A Tragedy of Murdering The Truth””

“A Faith that Drives me to Intellectually Know God” (Part Two)

One of the world’s leading atheist by the name of Richard Dawkins states “There are two ways of looking at the world: through faith and superstition or through the rigors of logic, observation, and evidence, in other words through reason.” Many individuals within our world have adopted this cognitive pattern of thinking, but the dilemmaContinue reading ““A Faith that Drives me to Intellectually Know God” (Part Two)”