“A Misunderstood Reality, A Misguided Purpose”

The burden of proof for providing reason for all reality must be examined through a lens that gives a clarity of evidence for the essence of existence. Many atheists will attempt to present an argument for explaining reality with theories of self-creation such as Big Bang Theory, Theory of Evolution, and Self-Creation Cosmology. For any material matter living and existing within this universe to be self-created would present a huge logical incongruity within the dynamic of all nature. If we were to consider four major possibilities for comprehending reality through a process of elimination, this could give a lead to a beginning of better understanding all reality. Four possibilities I would propose are: 1) Our personal experiences of reality are just an illusion. 2) Reality as we experience it and interact with it is self-created. 3) The reality we experience is self-existent. 4) All reality is created ultimately by something else that is self-existent.

Now, according to these specific four possibilities, we will apply the process of elimination by using this blog itself that you are reading. In applying the four possibilities for better comprehending reality: 1) the blog you’re reading is only an illusion and is not really there, 2) this blog ultimately created itself, 3) the blog is self-existent, 4) the blog was ultimately created into existence as a result of something else that is self-existent. For us to comprehend the reason for the existence of this blog, one of the four possibilities must be true which would then mean the others are false.

Upon the pretense of this argument, I want every individual reading this blog to introspectively ask yourself, what is the explanation of your purpose in life that explains your reality you live in? Is your purpose of life just an illusion? Is your purpose of life self-created? Is your purpose of life self-existent? Is your purpose of life created ultimately by something else that is self-existent? The most self-pursuant journey of any individual today is the cry for Meaning/Purpose in life. Why do we as humans seek meaning and purpose for life? Why is that we search for a reason to live? What drives us to intrinsically desire a purpose for the reality of our life in which we live in? All individuals are built to intrinsically believe in a purpose that innately propels them to seek a higher cause for their life. Life’s meaning cannot be left to be defined by self but has to be explained outside of self.

We all crave purpose and desire to have a meaning for our life. No one individual creates the purpose within their life although you have a role to carry with how the purpose is fulfilled within your life. Purpose emerges within our life just as a seed that is planted within soil and eventually bears a plant that soon sprouts through the fertile soil. Purpose is a sprouting attribute rather than a discovered attribute. Purpose sprouts out of circumstances we encounter in life inclusive of individuals we meet, the things we have a passion for or like doing, and painful experiences we go through in life. The dilemma is that your purpose can be derailed when it is not aligned with a supernatural spiritual relationship with God.

For there to be purpose, there must be a purposer.

For the one who does not believe in God, your purpose becomes misaligned with a pursuit of pleasurable selfishness rather than a pursuit of truth and service to others. When one does not have God as their standard, the result is that they become the Purposer for defining meaning for their life. The individual lives a life of autonomy playing God for self which further results in one giving meaning to their reality of their circumstances in life. This ultimately becomes a self-defeating path in life when one is left to define their reality because pessimism is a trait of all humanity which comes naturally, and this pessimism becomes the ultimate lens for which the Godless individual perceives their reality in life. It takes a lot of work to be truly optimistic and hopeful because these are supernatural spiritual traits that are divine. Ultimately, your reality of life is understood contingent upon the definer of the purpose in your life. Whose defining your purpose in life, God or you?

Purpose is the spiritual forensic profile of humanity which innately propels us to seek fulfillment; thereby, giving us meaning to our life.” – Reuben Holliman


Sproul, R.C. (2019) Does God Exist? Sanford, FL. Reformation Trust Publishing.


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